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My name is Ed Regalado and I want to be your resource for all things health insurance related in Evergreen, Colorado. I have a deep and passionate desire to help people navigate through the twisted path that buying health insurance can be. I specialize in Colorado; medical, dental and vision insurance. Products for seniors are also an area that I specialize in. Call me today at 303 674-1946 to set up an appointment.


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Need a quick quote for an individual policy? Just email me your; name, date of birth, your home zip code and if you are a smoker or not. Once I receive your information, it will take less than 15 minutes to generate quotes for the following carriers:

Anthem, CIGNA, Kaiser Permanente, Golden Rule (UHC) and Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Both medical and dental plans can be quoted for all Colorado residents.

Quotes are based on a preferred rate and should you or your dependent have a preexisting condition, some carriers may adjust the rate, exclude the condition or deny the application.

Call me if you wish to ask questions or get a quote over the phone.


How Late Can I Enroll in ACA and Avoid a Penality?

Uninsured folks can now wait until March 31, 2014 to enroll in and insurance plan and avoid paying a penalty. With the federal exchanges not working properly and even our Marketplace in Colorado having some problems, this extended time will help.
If you need help getting an individual policy and live in Colorado, please call me at 303 674-1945.

Ed Regalado

Republicans Cave!

The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. With the congressional vote on Oct. 16th, indications are that the Affordable Care Act has now become another US entitlement. However, the cost will be on the backs of future generations. Sorry kids!
There will be tinkering at the edges, even the President knows that there needs to be changes.
What does this mean for those looking for health insurance? In my opinion, we have a few more years of the Marketplace or Exchanges with private insurance companies.
If there were no subsidies, these plans would fail immediately. However, most applicants will either be eligible for Medicaid or a subsidy. Again, who pays for that?
Soon there will be two healthcare programs; Medicare and Medicaid. Hello government run healthcare. For the wealthy few that can afford it, they will have their own private healthcare system and behave much like rich Canadians. Concierge doctors will be in demand.
Someone told me recently that Medicare worked well for them and what would be wrong with most folks being on Medicare? Cost! Someone has to pay the bills and Medicare now is running at a deficit, how much longer will it last if more people were added to this program?

Hope I’m wrong!


Open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage and PDP plans

OEP for medicare started yesterday, October 15th. Participants have from now until December 7th to make any changes on their plans. Call me at 303 674-1945 should you have any questions.

Ed Regalado

Are Boutique Brokers the future for Small Business?

Obamacare has forced most of us in the healthcare industry to rethink how we do business, which is a very good thing. This morning I read an article in Employee Business News by Andrea Davis titled, “Ripe for the Picking.” It concerned itself about the opportunity for employers to offer voluntary products such as dental, vision and accident insurance to their employees but I took something a little different from this information.

The article starts out saying, ”As employers and workers navigate the new health care landscape, voluntary products could become increasingly important for worker loyalty and retention. Two new surveys…show a voluntary product industry ripe for growth, with the use of some products – voluntary dental and vision plans, for example, as well as accident insurance – having doubled our the past three years.’

The article goes on to say, “More than half (54%)  of workers surveyed for the 2013 AFLAC Work Force Report would prefer not to have greater control over their insurance options because they don’t have the time or knowledge to effectively manage it… 75% of employees said they think their employer will educate them about changes to their healthcare coverage as a result of health care reform, yet only 13% of employers said educating employees about reform was important to their organization.”

Companies with over 50 employees will try to avoid the penalty and continue to offer health insurance options. In my opinion those under 50 employees will look at getting out of the benefit game unless they are large enough to have an inside benefit specialists or a broker that will act as their benefit specialists.

Small business owners are struggling to stay alive and their primary goal is to make a profit. In doing so, keeping employees happy is a top goal. Retention and the ability to attract the best possible people continues to take be of vital importance. If you have a small group of employees, how is this best accomplished?

Benefit brokers have long promoted themselves as a solution to employers in regard to providing health insurance but they will have to evolve into a closer and more specialized role. There will be soon more options for owners. It is more than, “do you wish to renew  your existing plan or should I shop other options?”  The questions are, do you continue to provide  insurance for your employees or just give them  more money to buy it on the Exchange? Remember, the survey said that 75% of employees want their employers to help them.  There will be many options for employers and there  is no one good answer. Each approach should be customized and tailored to the needs of their employees and the fit within the budget of the company. This is where a “Boutique Broker” will come into the picture.

Large brokers will continue to offer their services to their clients with generally over 100 employees. The majority of companies with less than 100 employees will need a solution and the traditional approach is no longer the best answer though some brokers will continue to offer it.

We still don’t know all the ins and outs of Obamacare, they are still writing the rules, but we do know it will change everything and soon. The solutions are varied from state to state and industry to industry.

I believe a new opportunity will exist for the individual broker and small business owners. Customizing solutions to each employer’s employee needs will develop and voluntary products may or not be part of the solution.

There are new challenges ahead of us and I believe this translates into new opportunities.