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About Evergreen Health Insurance llc

Ed Regalado

I’m located in downtown Evergreen, CO and my goal is to provide those in my community, assistance with their individual health insurance needs. As a broker, I call provide information on all insurance carriers in the market including the Connect for
Health CO exchange.
Products for seniors are also an area that I specialize in so if you are confused with all the options available for Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans, I would be happy to help you. Call me today at 303 674-1946 to set up an appointment.


Quick Quotes

Need a quick quote for an individual policy? Just email me your; name, date of birth, your home zip code and if you are a smoker or not. Once I receive your information, it will take less than 15 minutes to generate quotes for the following carriers: Anthem, CIGNA, Kaiser Permanente, Humana, Golden Rule (UHC) and Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Both medical and dental plans can be quoted for all Colorado residents.

In order to apply for an individual health plan prior to a January 1st effective date, you must have a qualifying event such as an involuntary loss of coverage. If you do not qualify, you can apply for a short term policy but it is subject to underwriting and pre-existing conditions are considered and you can be denied coverage.

Guaranteed coverage under ACA can be quoted starting November 15th with a January 1st effective date.

Call me if you wish to ask questions or get a quote over the phone at 303 674-1945


How soon can I sign up for a 2015 individual health plan?

Open enrollment will start this coming November 15 but plans selected will not go into effect until January 1st.
If you select a plan and pay for it, you will not be able to change plans in most cases for another year so take your time and if you are not sure the plan you selected is the right one for you, consult an authorized broker.

Networks, the new focus in Health Plans

Traditionally, most people focused on premium and of course benefits. Value was important and you want to get the best plan available at the best price. But having a great plan at a great price isn’t of any value if your doctor and hospital is not included.
Networks have been scaled down by carriers in order to help contain costs. You may have had your doctor in your current healthcare insurance plan but that provider may no longer be in network in your renewal or new plan. So, be careful when selecting a new insurance plan and make sure the provider and medical facility you want is in your network.
Your broker can help you with this selection.