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Individual Health Insurance Plans

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For 2014, Open Enrollment is from November 15, 2014, through February 15, 2014. 

During Open Enrollment you can apply for and get individual health insurance. Applications submitted by the 15th of the month go into effect the first of the following month. The December 15th deadline for a January effective date has been extended by some carriers;

Anthem will accept paper application until 12/31 for a January 1st effective date,

Cigna will also accept paper only application until 12/19

Colorado Health Op will accept application until 12/20

Humana will take off market place application until 12/19

Kaiser will take off exchange application until the end of this year

RMHP has extended the January effective date to 12/31.

Call 303 674-1945 for details.

Outside of the open enrollment period you cannot get individual health insurance unless you have special circumstances (change in employment, etc.)

In order to get a tax credit (85% of participants do), you must enroll for individual health insurance through the Connect for Health CO website. Using the website can be a little confusing, which is why having a health insurance broker help you with this process can make things much easier and doesn't cost you a thing. Health Insurance Brokers are paid by the individual health insurance companies, so you don't have any out of pocket costs for using a health insurance broker.

Some things to be aware of when enrolling for individual health insurance:

Health Insurance Penalties

The penalty for not having health insurance for 2014 is 1% of your yearly household income or $95, whichever is higher. The maximum penalty is the national average premium for a bronze individual health plan.

For 2015, the penalty for not having individual health insurance is going to increase to 2% of your adjusted gross income or $325 per adult and $162.50 per child with a maximum penalty of $925 per family.

Short Term Individual Policy

Use the link below to apply for a short term 1-12 month individual health policy from Assurant Health:
Short Term Medical - Assurant Health

Insurance Myths

Myth 1- If I go to an “in-network” hospital, all my costs will be covered.
Reality- While the hospital itself may be covered as “in-network”, the individual doctors that see you in the hospital or the labs that are used for tests may not be “in-network” and therefore those charges may not be covered at all or only covered under the out of network payment plan. This can result in significant costs that you may not have been expecting.  Sadly, this is a very difficult thing to deal with, especially when also dealing with whatever put you in the hospital in the first place. But, if possible make sure that you, or whoever might be there with you, ask as many questions as possible about who will be doing what procedures, whose network they are in and are there alternative doctors available. Of course when the situation is life threatening you may simply have to do what is necessary and try to mitigate the problems later.

Myth 2-  I have health insurance so I won’t be financially responsible for any medical services except my copay.
Reality- I remember the old days when, having a really good HMO meant that pretty much nothing in the medical services realm would cost me more than $5 for my copay or (gasp) $50 for a hospital visit. Those days are pretty much long gone. Higher deductibles and lower coinsurance rates have become the norm. Along with higher, maximum out-of-pocket maximums all these things can combine to make your bill after a medical procedure much higher than you expected. Especially if you don’t utilize these services very often or haven’t done so in a while. Make sure you analyze the different coverage levels and associated premiums carefully to ensure the best fit with your circumstances.

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