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Health Savings Plans

There are two basic types of Health Savings Plans; HSA’s or Health Savings Accounts and FSA’s or Flexible Spending Accounts. Both have been around for a number of years and both can help to defray the cost of medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance. But there are some significant differences between the two.

The HSA can only be used by people who have higher deductible Healthcare plans and only makes sense when you know you will have a certain level of healthcare expenditures that will not be covered under your insurance. The money to fund the HSA is taken out in pretax dollars and when done properly can result in significant savings for individuals.

An FSA can be used to pay a greater variety of things including qualified healthcare expenses. It can also be used to pay for childcare or adult care for a qualified dependent.

The only real catch is that any money put into an FSA account must be spent by the end of the year or they are lost.

There are other differences between HSA’s and FSA’s so make sure you consult with your CPA and your benefits administrator before choosing one of these.

Short Term Individual Policy

Use the link below to apply for a short term 1-12 month individual health policy from Assurant Health:
Short Term Medical - Assurant Health

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Short Term Individual Health Policies

Short Term Medical - Assurant Health

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